Question: Can You Put Moisturizer Over Makeup?

Question: Can You Put Moisturizer Over Makeup?

Allow the moisturizer to set before applying your makeup, as a recent application of lotion can cause your makeup to smear.

Reapply moisturizer during the day, after you have done your makeup.

Simply use a damp cloth or towelette to gently remove any foundation, powder or blush.

How long should you wait to put makeup on after moisturizer?

Wait at least five minutes. The moisturizer needs some time to form a smooth, even surface over your skin. Wait anywhere from five to thirty minutes before putting on makeup, or you may struggle with uneven application or even acne breakouts. Put on primer.

Do you put moisturizer on before or after makeup?

If you don’t give your moisturizer enough time to absorb into your skin, the creaminess of the moisturizer can thin out your makeup. Blot your face gently with a tissue after moisturizing before putting on foundation.

Can we apply foundation after moisturizer?

Don’t apply foundation right after moisturizing. Always give your moisturizer time (as long as 15 minutes) to absorb into your skin before applying foundation.

Is it OK to mix moisturizer with foundation?

Not to mention, mixing your foundation with a moisturizer will sheer it out, resulting in a more natural, dewy finish (which is so popular right now!) A little goes a long way, so just adding a tiny drop of moisturizer or serum into your foundation before mixing and applying works wonders.

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