How Can I Deposit Cash In Axis Bank Cash Deposit Machine?

Deposit in any account by entering the Axis Bank 15 digit account number:

  • Click “Cash deposit without card”.
  • Enter account number in which you wish to deposit cash.
  • Machine will display the name of the account holder.
  • If correct, click “Enter”.
  • Place the money in the cash deposit slot and click “Continue”.

Can we deposit cash in Axis Bank ATM?

Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is self-service terminal that enables you to deposit cash without any manual intervention of the branch officer. To use the CDM, you need to have Axis Bank Debit Card or know the Axis Bank’s 15 digit account number in which you wish to deposit the money.

Is there any charges for cash deposit in Axis Bank?

For anywhere cash deposit, ICICI Bank would charge R 5 per thousand rupees (subject to a minimum of 150) at branches, while deposit at Cash Acceptance Machine would be free of charge for first cash deposit of a calendar month and R 5 per thousand thereafter.

How much cash can be deposited in machine?

Maximum cash deposit limit : In case of a cardless transaction, the maximum limit is Rs 49,000 in a day, while for cash deposit using debit card, the maximum limit is Rs 2 lakh in a day.

What is cash deposit kiosk?

Cash Deposit Machine. Your dealings in cash are set to become a cakewalk. The Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is a self-service terminal that lets you make deposits and payment transactions by cash. All successful transactions are immediately credited and customers will be issued an advice slip confirming the transaction.