Question: Who Manufactures MAC Makeup?

Where are MAC cosmetics products made?

MAC Cosmetics are made in a few different places.

It seems the majority of products are made in Canada.

However, some products are also made in Italy and the United States.

Who owns MAC makeup?

Estée Lauder Companies

Is MAC cosmetics made in China?

MAC Cosmetics is owned by Estee Lauder. This cosmetics giant has openly tested on animals for a long time and has recently come under fire for conducting secret tests on cosmetics in China.

Is Mac a good makeup brand?

Sure they have some great products and are very popular. A “good” makeup brand is the one you like, that looks good on you, and doesn’t break you out or irritate your skin. Mac is popular in part due to their very Mod style of artistry, which most people don’t actually ever use in everyday wear.